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To learn more about ASPCA® , visit:

Preventing animal cruelty is very important to everyone associated with Konalicious Organic Coffee. Our animals have been instrumental in adding love, kindness, and a stronger sense of empathy in our lives.

We are committed to adding “cause” to our coffee to help, in our own little way.

Cheryl’s animals were her grounding as she navigated the daily struggles with breast cancer. Jill’s animals have given her stability and comfort in battling dermatomyositis.

Growing up and throughout the years, our animals have been and continue to be our Ohana (family).


We are with ASPCA

Konalicious Organic Coffee is proud to serve as a Business Ambassador and support the ASPCA® and its mission to save lives.


Join us in our cause to save animals' lives

Do  you want to learn more about ASPCA first?  Visit their site here >>

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