Cheryl & Alan

Purveyors of Konalicious Organic Coffee

Cheryl and Alan moved to Hawaii in 2017 to care for the coffee estate. The seed was planted with a conversation among former neighbors and the closest of friends. Cheryl had recently retired from a job in the medical field as a way to reduce stress after succeeding in her courageous battle against breast cancer.


Our commitment to grow the best 100% pure organic Kona coffee stems from our story - one of cancer survival and another a childhood dream.

Jill & Matt

Partners from afar

Matt spent his formative years living in Hilo on The Big Island and had been dreaming of coming back ever since.  Jill, one of Cheryl’s closest friends, fell in love with Hawaii on her first visit twenty years ago. Together, Jill and Matt had discussed eventually living in Hawaii.

Now that you know our story, our coffee will taste even better...

100 percent kona whole bean coffee bag

Cancer, Beer & an Idea

When Alan and Matt met for their semi-regular weekend lunch at the Delafield Brewhaus (WI), neither could have foreseen the cascading series of events that would follow their distressing conversation.


Alan shared that Cheryl's early retirement left her a bit adrift and looking for new opportunities - her constitution was in need of a big change. He was at wits end and desperate to help the love of his life.


Later that evening, Matt, who had occasionally searched Zillow for properties in Hawaii, clicked on an outlying link... … A small five-acre award winning coffee estate came up. Given that Cheryl was blessed with a green thumb and found peace in gardening and that Alan could build and fix just about anything, an idea was born.


Jill agreed that partnering with Alan and Cheryl had significant appeal, especially because it could be the answer to Cheryl’s malaise and agreed it was worth discussing.


We knew we were on the right path when we shared the idea of partnering on this unique Hawaiian endeavor and Alan broke down. Cheryl was next. And as they say, the rest is history…